The Isley Brothers

Friday, May 10, 2024
8:00 pm
Starlight Theater
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The Isley Brothers stand alone in the history of American music as a band with an unparalleled impact on the likes of the Beatles and Ice Cube. With a chart-topping presence spanning eight consecutive decades, from the '50s to the present day, they have etched their place as one of the most influential groups in the history of popular music.

Originating as a teenage gospel quartet in the mid-'50s, formed by the eldest Isley Brothers— O’Kelly, Rudolph, Ronald, and Vernon—their musical journey took a tragic turn when Vernon, aged 13, met an untimely end while riding his bike. Undeterred, the remaining three brothers, spurred by their parents, relocated to New York City in 1957 to embark on a rock 'n’ roll career. The inaugural fruit of their collaboration was the iconic "Shout!"—a massive hit with enduring popularity, featured on the Animal House soundtrack and likely playing at events worldwide.

From their debut single and album in 1959, the Isley Brothers continually redefined their music and its genre, dominating the black music charts like no other. With notable figures such as Jimi Hendrix and Elton John joining their ranks as backing musicians, the Isley Brothers crafted a legendary discography. Their journey included early rock ‘n’ roll success, a stint with Motown Records, and a prolific independent phase with T-Neck Records, reshaping R&B along the way.

Their repertoire encompasses diverse works, from the underrated Givin’ It Back to soul-funk masterpieces like 3+3 and Go For Your Guns, and even ventures into glitter rock with Brother, Brother, Brother. They embraced disco with Winner Takes All and later produced one of the finest quiet storm albums, Between The Sheets. Transitioning to the '90s with baby-making jams, a triumphant 2001 comeback (Eternal), and the 2006 release Baby Makin’ Music, the Isley Brothers prove there's an album for every mood.

Inducted into the Rock & Roll Hall of Fame in 1992 alongside former guitarist Jimi Hendrix, the group achieved Songwriter’s Hall of Fame induction in 2022 and received a GRAMMY Lifetime Achievement Award in 2014. Boasting millions of records sold, sixteen Top 40 albums, and sold-out arenas worldwide, their impact is indelible.

In 2022, their latest studio album, Make Me Say It Again Girl, garnered critical and commercial success, featuring collaborations with Beyoncé, Earth Wind & Fire, El DeBarge, and Snoop Dogg. Undeniably, the mighty Isley Brothers continue to captivate audiences, proving that more than 60 years after teaching us how to "Shout," they remain eternal living legends in the realm of music.

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