Pala Casino Spa Resort Unveils State-of-the-Art Covid-Killer Air Filtration System

Coley McAvoy

April 15, 2022
(760) 510-5177 

PALA, CA – As part of a $25 million air quality initiative, the Pala Casino Spa Resort is excited to announce a new property-wide Trane Synexis air cleaning/purification system, which uses patented Dry Hydrogen Peroxide and UV light to kill Covid viruses, mold, odors, and bacteria both in the air and on surfaces. Pala Casino Spa Resort is the only casino in the region to use this state-of-the-art cleaning technology.

Trane Synexis is a leading provider of innovative Dry Hydrogen Peroxide (DHP) technology that combats viruses, bacteria, mold, odors, and insects. DHP is the true gas form of hydrogen peroxide and the technology uses ambient oxygen and humidity that is already naturally present in every indoor space. The Trane Synexis devices convert these natural elements into a gas form that is safe for continuous use in occupied environments. Once implemented, DHP works nonstop to reduce the levels of microbes present in any space. The technology is able to clean all surfaces, including those that are out of reach or not normally cleaned.

This highly advanced cleaning technology reduces approximately 99% of the COVID virus present on surfaces. It allows for continuous decontamination throughout an indoor space without disturbing any guests or employees. “The extreme reduction of microbial threats through using this technology will help keep everyone safe at all times, both on the casino floor and in all other areas of Pala Casino Spa Resort,” said Coley McAvoy, Pala Casino Spa Resort spokesperson.

About Pala Casino Spa Resort
As SoCal’s Entertainment Capital, Pala Casino Spa Resort includes a Las Vegas-style casino including an expansive gaming floor with over 2,000 slot and video machines, 78 table games, 9 restaurants, two lounges, 2,000-seat Pala Events Center, outdoor Starlight Theater and luxury hotel; five swimming pools with two hot tubs and 14 luxury cabanas. Pala Casino’s wide variety of HD premium sporting events enhance an exciting collection of live bands daily at both indoor and outdoor venues. Pala Casino Spa & Resort is an AAA Four-Diamond Award winner for 15 consecutive years.

Pala Casino is conveniently located off 1-5 and Highway 76 and is easily accessible from all counties in Southern California.

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